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The history of ABC goes back to 1963, when Carlo Brianza presented his first one-off model. In the beginning he only used to make single models on a large scale, in brass. The aim for perfection brought him together with two other great names in modelcar making: Michele Conti and Manuel Olivé Sans.

The step from the production of single pieces to the production of high quality modelcar series was quite easy. In 1973, together with his wife Ella, he founded ABC.

His first model with series noABC 01 was a Fiat Turbina, of which only 300 pieces were produced. Always searching for innovation and best materials available, all models were made as accurate as possible. 

This field of expertise needed quite some development and today we are still investing in development of such features in our models.

One of the first people to use photoetched parts in the creation of his models was Carlo Brianza. He always tried to reproduce his creations as people saw them. He also taught many people the craft and personally supported all of those who wanted to join the world of modelcars, always being ready to give good advice to anyone who asked for it.

The Daytona 365 GTB/4 was his first choice. This new series of modelcars was the first attempt in the modelcar scene of models being equipped with an opening hood and doors, soft seats etc..

Untill then all these features were only possible if people purchased a single model. In the second half of the 80's, he was the first who tried to built large scale handmade models in series.


Meanwhile ABC's cooperation with Fiat and Lancia started off, a cooperation which lasted several years. In this period ABC produced various promotional series for the famous Italian makes. Today's cooperation with Stola in Torino is heading towards a same success.

After Carlo Brianza passed away in 1994, his son and daughter took over his leading role within the company. Now his son Andrea takes care of the development of prototypes and his daughter Laura is running the commercial department.  

The exclusive leading standards that made ABC one of the most renown model car producers in the world, are still the same. Nothing has changed and we still "aim for perfection", in order to meet our customer expectations while maintaining a high standard of customer satisfaction. For this reason we are now producing models in several scales, from 1/87 to 1/10.

Together with the models we produce, we also import and trade many other brands; you can find them all in our catalogue "ABC time". Since 1996 we have been developing our mail order catalogue and we  now distribute and sell over 21,000 items from almost over 150 makes. But we are sure that many other interesting models are still offered around the globe and we are already hunting them down for you: you will see them on our website soon!

Our motto is and always will be: "If you cannot find it in the catalogue, ask us, and we will find it for you"! Whatever you want to know about model cars, deleted items or future releases... just ask us!. If you join our mailing list, you might even get some answers before you can ask us your question.

If you want to come and visit us, its quite easy to find your way to our company. We are located close to the Como Lake, to the Swiss border and Milano. You can easily reach us by train or by car. We will welcome you from Monday to Friday during office time. In our showroom, more than 4,000 items are displayed and you will be able to choose amid a huge range of kits and built models.

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